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The Joy of Clicking

By | source: Oct 9th, 2012

I constantly find myself browsing online shops out of boredom. In my downtime I peruse the pages of J.Crew, Madewell, Piperlime and countless others. What better way to fill your day off than dreaming up outfits and lusting after items that are far beyond your budget?

Lucky for online shops, there are some customers that are quick to purchase. According to today’s infographic, 1/3 of internet users are shopping online. Shoppers are more frequently heading to online shops for convenience and to accomdiate their busy schedules. When you need a new dress and can’t find time to dart to the store, with a few clicks and a credit card number you can have it delivered to your doorstep! And often with free shipping!

Today’s infographic is packed full of advice for the online retailer. How do you get that large number of internet savvy consumers to stop over on your site for a quick buy? Maintain an easy to navigate site. Online shopping is about convenience and very few shoppers will sift through complicated site when there are plenty of other options. Offer discounted shipping or frequent shipping deals. One of the turn-offs of online shopping is the shipping price, so offset that cost every once and a while to keep your customers happy. Send orders promptly and package them attractively. In giving up the swing of a shopping bag and instant gratification of an in-person purchase, consumers are looking for a reward when they open the mailbox. Get their orders shipped quickly and present them well. It will keep them getting back online. [Via]