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The Illusion Of Choice: Monopolies of Media

By | source:affordableschoolsonline Apr 19th, 2015

If you’re not on the bandwagon that massive corporations are starting to control every aspect of the government, fine. I doubt I could convince you otherwise, but you best believe your media is completely monopolized. The recent Comcast – Time Warner merger has me incredibly worried. Comcast has even blatantly stated that cable companies don’t compete with each other. They stay out of each-other’s respective markets. Without the threat of competition the ISP’s can charge whatever price and provide any quality service they want to customers. When the customer’s only option is Comcast – isn’t that pointing to possible monopoly status?

With Google Fiber slowly rolling out over the nation a Comcast-TimeWarner merger would have time to lobby and help deter Google Fiber from spreading while squashing small, local cable providers.

The worst possibility about this merger is the fact that Time Warner owns HBO. If you’ve heard the horror stories about Comcast managing their customers, only imagine what happens to Game of Thrones when Comcast is in charge. You know nothing Jon Snow.