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Dining Etiquette Around The World: Eating Right Abroad

By | source:HubSpot Apr 20th, 2015

Every culture seems to have their own way to politely eat. Rules, that if are broken, can send negative messages to your fellow diners or even reflect badly on the taste of the dish. Learning how to eat right in the country you plan to visit is an important part of the prep before a trip.

Just like looking up little phrases in the your foreign destination’s language, or the type of weather your future trip location enjoys – researching the dining etiquette can save you from seeming rude.

Tipping seems to be like one of the biggest no-no’s when traveling. Yes, some countries like Portugal and Italy don’t look down on tipping, but usually one only tips when the food and servicer were absolutely exceptional. Another big aspect of eating is how the food goes from the plate to one’s mouth. Does one use hands? Fork? Spoon? How does one place my chopsticks when not in use? All these questions can be answered by a little bit of research.

Finally – foreigners aren’t going to judge you too harsh for being ignorant to their customs right off the back. If you’re eating with locals for the first time don’t be afraid to ask their customs. They’ll respect you for respecting their culture.