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The History of Luminoso

By | source:Here Jan 11th, 2017

Luminoso has been a leading AI based analytics company for over half a decade now. With only offering a research tool at first, Luminoso is now offering two major products and three implementation options. Their growth is not unprecedented when looking at their history.

Digging through mountains of data has become a popular pastime for startups across the world, but none of them started where Luminoso did: the MIT Media Lab. There was over 10 years of research into artificial intelligence at MIT before Luminoso was even founded. This gives Luminoso the advantage of being extremely ahead of the curve.

From their first deal in 2011 until their introduction of Luminoso’s flagship products helped bolster their growth to over 40 employees in eight offices across three countries. Going international isn’t hard when your deep analytical computers can research in 12 different languages.

From day one Luminoso has been technologically on top of the data industry. If you have data questions, Luminoso has data answers.