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The Ultimate Guide To Tipping Your Taxi Driver, Manicurist and Movers

By | source:Here Jan 12th, 2017

I’m awful at math, so whenever the check comes at a restaurant, I scramble for my phone. I envy people who can easily calculate 18 percent mentally.

Sometimes, I get confused about whether I’m expected to tip. Thanks to this infographic, I now have an idea of what I should do.

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s good to know that it’s kind to give people who regularly service you a generous tip or gift. If you have a regular handyman, set aside $15 to $50 to give him or her.

For house and pool cleaners, it’s polite to give up to the total cost of one visit around the holidays. For paper delivery people, $10 to $30 is a reasonable way to say thank you.

15-20% is a great standard for hair stylists, taxi drivers, waiters, massage therapists, manicurists and animal groomers. When tipping a bartender, consider the difficulty of your drink order. (10-15% is usually a good metric, though.)

Of course, this is customary in the U.S. If you’re visiting another country, tipping etiquette might be different. Click here to find out more about tipping traditions around the world.