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The Good News About Cancer

By | source: Mar 19th, 2014

Cholera, diarrhea, tuberculosis – some of the most deadly diseases to plague the human race throughout history are all preventable in some way. Cancer, perhaps the biggest stymie to modern medicine, is also preventable in most cases. This is good news depending on how you look at it.

As the son to someone who has suffered through and survived Lymphoma and Melanoma, I’ve always sort of assumed I was doomed- that the invisible hand of genetics would reach down and give me some sort of cancer. Well, only 2-5% of cancers are passed on through genetics. Phew! That’s great!

Since most causes of cancer are either situational or due to lifestyle choices- it should be easy to avoid. Ok, let’s see- as long as I use sunblock, don’t drink to excess, don’t smoke, and eat healthy- I’ll greatly reduce my risk factors for getting cancer. Well, I don’t drink to excess (most days), I eat healthy (sometimes) and wear sunblock (when I remember) so I should be good, right?

Psyche. Yikes, those are a lot of risk factors, not to mention other factors like toxic chemicals and levels of radiation that you may have no option of avoiding. Well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a cure- and in the meantime get a grip on aforementioned vices and bad habits that I do have control over.

This infographic is loaded with information on cancer risk-factors, give it a read. If you want to know more- check out The American Cancer Society’s website. Knowledge is power folks- empower yourselves and keep on livin’. [Via]