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The Best Temperature for Your Home

By | source: Mar 18th, 2014

How often do you find yourself hanging out with somebody who won’t think twice about keeping their air conditioning blasting hot or cool air? It’s as if being temporarily uncomfortable would be the worst thing that could happen that very instant. Deciding to adjust the thermostat every 15 minutes is justifiable if a person is being considerate for their sick pet, or if their arts & crafts media are melting. If it’s purely for convenience, and done so as to not upset their complacent keel, then that’s not cool, man. Well, maybe except for the days of extreme heat in the summer. It can be a grueling feat to endure come bedtime, in more densely populated locales.

I prefer not to touch the thermostat in my house. This is especially true in the winter (throw some sweaters and coats on, or wrap yourself in blankets — jerks.) The apartment I rent, along with two others, recently had its power & utility rates rise due to a huge increase in usage. It works based on a standard of use for the whole complex — a block/rate system. Pretty cool, huh?

The infographic in today’s post shares ideas to reduce temperature fluctuations in the homestead, and maybe help keep monthly usage charges from transcending $300.