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Drinking Socially

By | source: Mar 18th, 2014

Alcohol is just about everywhere we go. Though alcohol is not for everyone, for drinkers there is the right type of alcohol for the right situation. The work week could be stressful and maybe you and a few coworkers want to go out for a drink. Or maybe you want to stay home and kickback with your partner with a crafted brew. Or maybe its a birthday or a holiday that brings a large group together to get a little silly. According to this infographic, the type of alcohol consumed matches the person and location.

It appears that the macro beers (the beer that can be found generally anywhere) are the favored and appropriate drink in most settings.  Being that they are lighter easier to monitor how much you have drank of them. With that being said the die-hard micro beer drinker is not going to be the trailblazing type. Just like the wine connoisseur isn’t going to be a party animal either. These drinks can be looked at as the drinks you tend to unwind with the most.

On the other end, liquor is the drink for a louder atmosphere. Though liquor is drank the least out of the listed alcoholic beverages they are the go-to for parties. Often times they can be cheap and highly effective for one purpose: usually getting you wasted.  However, there are those with a refined taste for high quality liquor. Those are the pros.

No matter your poison, be safe, and please drink responsibly. [via]