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The Evolution Of The Suit

By | source:Design Taxi Jul 19th, 2015

“Suit Up!” Barney Stinson’s go to catch phrase has helped inspire my own adventure into style and suiting. Due to the Texas heat, suiting up isn’t always an option. Light, cotton blazers with breathable slacks are a requirement. Whites, grays and pastels dominate the color scheme hoping to help combat the sun’s rays. Let’s take a trip back, to a time when the weather didn’t dictate style and wearing a solid suit was a daily occurrence.

Between the 20’s and 40’s the men of our great country followed a code of style filled with proper dress attire. They would always have a hip hat on their heads too. The second world war caused suits to become more tapered due to the sparsity of material. This skinny look has continued to grow thanks to The Beatles obvious preference to tight fitting clothing. Only recently have suits gotten a bit more baggy, and the skinny suit is still a very viable option.