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Making The Milkshake Great Again

By | source:Here Aug 1st, 2019

There are few summer treats as creamy and nostalgic as the milkshake. It’s as simple as blending some cold, sweet dairy into a drinkable consistency, but picturing a milkshake immediately invokes images of American diners in the 1950s, hot summer days, and childhood freedom. A milkshake is somehow simultaneously a dessert, a drink on the side, and a full meal if you choose. But one of the most agonizing choices can be picking which milkshake to make or order, and this guide is here to help.

For example, you can stick to the classics, with a traditional vanilla milkshake. To make it, you blend vanilla ice cream with half and half, and a tiny bit of vanilla extract. Or, for a chocolate shake, blend chocolate ice cream with heavy cream and chocolate syrup. But there are infinite variations, starting with, of course, the countless flavors of ice cream bases you could use.

What about if you’re feeling like eating something a bit healthy? Well, for starters, step away from the milkshakes, but if you can’t resist, you can chuck a handful of blueberries into the classic vanilla base. If you’re craving cookies, grind some Oreos into the vanilla base. Or if you need an adult beverage option that still makes you feel like a kid, take that cookie mix and add a shot of vanilla vodka, together with a swirl of cherry syrup and fudge sauce. The options are endless- and as long as there’s ice cream involved, you really can’t go wrong.