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The Evolution of the 250+ MPH Supercar

By | source: Feb 17th, 2015

Supercars have always been an envy of the human race. Some of our Hollywood’s biggest heroes, like Batman or James Bond drive them for work. The ultra-rich and A-list celebrities have been collecting supercars for as long as these types of vehicles have been around. A lot of young boys (and some girls) grow up with a picture of a red hot Ferrari or a sleek Lamborghini on their wall. Good looking, exceptionally performing vehicles are attractive. Most car enthusiasts would agree they’re fun to take apart and put back together.

Getting that better modification in the mail, or installing a new component to generate more horsepower and torque is like Christmas for a gear-head. Car enthusiasts can improve many aspects of their whip. Some like to put in lavish sound systems that can shake an entire block. Some are just in it for the looks, lowering the ride, or jacking their car up with huge suspensions. Some tweak their vehicle to conquer the outdoors for climbing mountains or fording rivers, but the most popular and universally respected improvement would be speed.

Supercars have chased higher speeds since their creation. Just in 2010, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport was one of the first supercars to achieve speeds over 250 mph. If you want the best though, you’re going to be paying for it. The Veyron starts at $2.5 million. You better start saving money now if you’re interested in one of those. [Via]