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How Much Is Student Loan Debt Costing You?

By | source: Feb 18th, 2015

You and I thought we were doing the right thing when we returned to college and took out those loans to pay for our higher education. Now, we have finished our education and we are deep in debt and can not afford to make ends meet. It also does not help that we probably have not gotten a raise in so many years or even employed. So now we are broke, underpaid, underappreciated, and we will be in debt for many years to come.

Take a look at this infographic on the horrors of student loan debt and what lays ahead. One of the numbers that startled me is that tuition has risen 900% since 1978. It is no wonder a lot of students are borrowing money from anybody and everybody. Another number to look at is the amount of student loan debt to credit card debt. I guess we live in a society that stays in the red.

All of this is not to dissuade you from continuing your education but to be knowledgeable about loans. Almost everyone who went through college is in the same boat and some of them maybe sinking. Yet, finding a career that you can flourish in by attending college will in the long run be advantageous.