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The Evolution Of Explosive Social Media Growth

By | source:Review Wind Oct 4th, 2018

Over the last 8 years, the number of social media users grew by the billions. Who are these users and where are they from?

With 3 billion internet users globally, nearly 45% of the world’s population is online. As accessibility grows in other countries, then we expect to see this number continue to rise. Technological advancements and lower cell phone prices enable users across the world to access social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram continue to pull in the most significant amounts of social media users. In nearly all cases, the majority of people access these platforms via cell phone. In fact, 68% of people use their cell phones for Facebook, and a whopping 86% get on Twitter from their mobile.

This ease of use means that platforms, from Twitter to Pinterest, are multiplying. However, there are multiple social networks for people to try. We often think of the most popular platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This infographic reminds of that there are 2.2 billion Google+ profiles and millions more on LinkedIn, Reddit, and Snapchat.

There’s no doubt that social media and internet use will grow. Unfortunately, there are still some areas where censorship holds people back from platforms like Facebook and Youtube. As years go on, then billions more people will experience the power of social media.