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The Benefits of Tutoring

By | source: Jun 19th, 2014

The purpose of tutoring is to help students become independent learners, providing them with the skills needed to succeed in school. However, tutoring is not just for doing better on school work. There are endless benefits to working with a tutor, such as improved work and study habits, increased confidence and attitude, or improved social and behavioral skills. Not to mention tutored students generally perform better on tests, and attend school more regularly.

When I was younger, I was part of a tutoring group comprised of several students from my class and our teacher. At the time, I had some trouble reading and pronouncing words with an ‘R’ sound. Thanks to those tutoring sessions, I eventually gained the confidence to read out loud during class. But group sessions might not work for everyone, and that’s where private or online tutoring comes in, each with their own advantages.

Although tutoring is usually better suited for those who are struggling in school, it does not mean you are a bad student. There is nothing wrong with needing to work with a tutor. Some students just need more help jumping those educational hurdles. And even if tutoring isn’t right for everyone, almost anyone can benefit from this effective way of learning.

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