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Some Like it ICED: America’s Iced Tea Obsession

By | source: Jun 17th, 2014

Honest Tea has scoured the Twitterverse in search of the nation’s most prominent iced tea fanatics. No surprise Texas, Florida, and Georgia are fans, but Illinois, New York, and New Jersey top the list as well. Illinois sticks out the most for me – I suppose the Windy City really has some staunch tea-supporters.

Born in Louisiana and relocating to Texas at the ripe age of one, I grew up in the part of our glorious country called the South. Down here we have sweltering summer days that create a need only three sunny essentials can fill: swimming holes, air conditioning, and (sweet) iced tea.

Yes, we like our tea sweet in the South, so what, maybe we don’t care about all the extra calories we’re packing in – maybe we also pack it out. We tea drinkers enjoy our sports as well. I run, I walk, I drink tea at football games, and at the pool – I am the poster-child of the tea-drinking world (I’m even drinking tea as I write this post). Tea can be the perfect drink for any occasion, whether its a backyard BBQ with the family, or having an iced tea vodka at the club way too late at night. Next time your feeling thirsty, pass up that bubbly coke, or purple sports drink and see how well some good, old-fashioned iced tea can make you feel. [Honest Tea]