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The Age-Old Battle: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

By | source: Feb 25th, 2013

The world is full of ancient and deep-seated rivalries whose various conflicts make up the stuff of legend. You have the Capulets vs. the Montagues, the Hatfields vs. the McCoys, Spy vs. Spy and so on, but all of these rivalries pale in comparison to one that is set to erupt yet again as early as 2015. One of the things that make this particular rivalry so passionate yet simultaneously divisive is that both sides are now led by the same man: J.J. Abrams.

Abrams has had success with projects like Lost and Cloverfield and received praise for his reboot of the Star Trek film franchise in 2009 (the sequel of which is slated to come out later this year). As if this weren’t enough to firmly plant him as a voice in the world of science fiction, Abrams’ next job is the already much-anticipated new Star Wars movie. Fans of the original films may have concerns for where he will take the series, but with so much experience already under his belt, I think it’s safe to say that Abrams would be a natural choice to take the helm.

Fore more info on the popularity of the pop culture behemoths that are Star Wars and Star Trek, refer to the infographic below. [Via]