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Teen Sexting: A Parent’s Nightmare (And What They Can Do About It)

By | source:Here Sep 30th, 2019

As you might have guessed, sexting is exactly what the word sounds like. Basically, it’s naughty texting with your partner or crush. Sexting can go from text messages to explicit photos and even short vids. And it has become extremely popular among millennials and younger generations.

Teen sexting is something that you should avoid at all costs. Your photos and texts could be shared without your permission, and it could affect your future in the long run. Plus, there are several laws that punish underage sexting.

So, what happens when you’re legal and want to start sexting? While sexting has clear benefits, it also poses severe risks, so you need to be very careful who you sext with. Don’t worry, sexting can be quite fun when done right!

There are several things to bear in mind when sexting. The first one, and maybe the most important one, is to lock your screen. It might sound obvious, but this isn’t always well known. You don’t want just anyone unlocking your phone and accidentally seeing your sexy pics, right? Also, you should consider deleting the conversation after it’s over.

Another great piece of advice is to make sure you’re texting the right person before sending anything naughty. If you inadvertently send a dirty text to your mom or your teacher, it could lead to pretty horrible scenarios.

Last but not least, remember to trust your instincts. If you don’t trust the other person entirely, don’t sext. They could share your pics to brag or for revenge, and you don’t want that kind of attention. Remember, keep it safe and fun!