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Tech Trends, Past and Future

By | source: Jan 3rd, 2012

Happy New Year, daily infographers! I hope everyone had a safe and exciting new years eve. Aside from a mild fire caused by fireworks, I’d say that my new years eve was exactly that. Today’s infographic looks at the major technological trends of 2011, and predicts three more for the coming year.

The surge in group buying is evident to even the internet novices. Groupons have become very popular, and even smaller companies like campus cred are growing in college towns. These handy group buying websites are great for saving money and great for the technologically inclined.

Geolocation Aps have become increasingly popular throughout the past year for letting your pals know exactly where you are. I’m not big on “checking in” but there is no doubting the popularity of aps like foursquare and facebook locations.

Now as for my favorite technological trend, mobile photo sharing aps has to be the most entertaining. I don’t know any girl who isn’t a total instagram nerd. With the help of a few settings, anyone can become a vintagey hipster photographer.

Now as for future trends, All of these seem quite boring. Maybe because i’m not too involved in complex technology, but hopefully 2012 has some more cutsey trends like instagram to occupy my attention! [Via]