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New Years Resolutions

By | source: Jan 2nd, 2012

First post of the new year (for me anyway), hope to bring all of you even better infographics this year. To start off I have another Daily Infographic original hot off the presses to present ya’ll. For those of you who didn’t see our last infographic you can check it out here. Today’s isn’t as morbid as the last and is quite appropriate for the times, the topic being New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re like most people you probably made a New Year’s resolution and more so you are probably going to break it like most people. I feel like any New Year’s resolution is just a habit I should have in my life anyway.

According to today’s infographic some of the top New Year’s Resolutions consist of getting fit, drinking less alcohol, get a better job, so on and so forth. Some helpful tips to keep true to your resolution(s) this year: set realistic goals, start with small steps, pick just one resolution, and set intermediate milestones. Enjoy today’s infographic and don’t forget to share!

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