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These Are The Best Streaming Services For Musicians

By | source:Here Jun 9th, 2018

Remember when you could rip albums too CDs without really knowing the science behind it? And before we had CDs, we had cassette tapes — any other ’80s kids out there? Those days are long gone, and digital streaming is the preferred way to play music.

We’re in an audio wonderland right now. With millions of songs quite literally at our fingertips at all times, you’re able to listen to whatever you please. Everything has been digitized, and streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have taken full advantage of our desire to get down and dance at any given moment.

For artists, these platforms are more than the soundtrack for a fun night. The money a musician makes from a streaming service can be enough to live on, so it’s important to know which streaming service pays the most.

Shockingly, Napster provides the easiest way to earn a living. An artist needs 80,000 plays a month to make minimum wage, which may seem like a lot, but a song needs to be played on YouTube over 2 million times before it generates the same amount of revenue.  It’s also worth thinking about how many users a site has. Spotify doesn’t pay a fortune, but your music will be heard by hundreds of millions of people. If you want to find out how streaming services could help your relationship, check this post out.