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Strange Creatures From The Deep Blue Sea

By | source:Here Apr 21st, 2019

Approximately 70% of our planet is covered by oceans, only 5% of which has been explored.  In other words, roughly 60% of our planet is still hidden behind the veil of mystery.  So what exactly lurks in the ocean’s depths?

Creatures of the deep sea have developed coping mechanisms, to help them adapt to the harsh living conditions they are faced with.  Some of them are quite unusual.  A good example is the widely known Deep Sea Anglerfish.  They are equipped with a small light in front of their face, which helps attract smaller fish right into their mouth.  Yikes!

Looking for something scarier?  The Colossal Squid is sure to give you the chills just by being, well, colossal!  Measuring up to 46ft (14 meters), it’s the largest living cephalopod known to man.  They can be found in depths of around 5,000ft (1,500 meters).  Although humans can only dive so deep, it certainly makes you reconsider your next scuba diving trip.

With more than half of our planet yet to be explored, the world we think we know is still quite a mystery.  Oceans full of strange creatures we have never seen can certainly light up your imagination.  It can also remind us just how much safer our local pool is.