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13 Critical Ways to Stay Safe on Public WiFi

By | source:Here Apr 23rd, 2019

Many places provide free WiFi, from the local coffee shop to the public library. However, free public WiFi is rarely safe, which leaves your private information open to hackers.

When a hacker arrives to explore your laptop, tablet, or phone, they can steal your photos, text messages, passwords, and even your bank information.

Since 25 percent of all public WiFi hotspots are unencrypted, you must take precautionary measures and have a strategy before entering into this danger zone.

Start by using a VPN, and today’s infographic explains how you can put this into play. Then, turn off file sharing, auto connectivity, your Bluetooth, and always use strong passwords that are so unique they could never be hacked.

Finally, only use well-known, legitimate brands when connecting. In other words, do not randomly hook up to any hotspot in which you do not know the source, and never “remember” a network because you don’t want to be connected to any WiFi without your knowledge.

Nearly a billion people a year are attacked by a cyber criminal, so take the appropriate steps to ensure that you do not become one of them.