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SEO Blues

By | source: Jul 31st, 2014

What follows these words is a strange but interesting weaving of ‘Blues’ history along with Google update history. It’s kind of funny, I’m not sure how telling of myself this is, but as a musician reading this infographic, I seem to know a lot more about blues performers than about the evolution of Google SEO tactics.

It’s strange to think about because I spend a hell of a lot more time Googling things than listening to the Blues. No offense ‘Blues,’ but growing up in Austin, Texas, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to explore more music than just the Blues. Alas, Austin is and has been a Blues capitol ever since Stevie Ray Vaughn graced the world with his presence, so maybe I take back that previous comment back. My city oozes of it. Nonetheless, I learned a good little bit about Google update history through this infographic.

For instance, SEO, or search engine optimization, is a method in which websites try to ‘game the system’ so that their page is as close to the top of the results as possible. It’s something that I’m a familiar with – mostly via attaching keywords to infographic reviews (I.E. what I’ll be doing with this very article). The rest of the infographic mostly lists the changes in the system from Google’s birth until semi-recently. (Where’s Hummingbird, the most recent change for SEO?)

All in all, this is an informative graphic, but no tips for cutting edge SEO in this one. Just some history. I got more music facts out of this than anything else. Blues onward, traveller. [Fort Collins SEO]