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Do You Have Digital Eye Strain?

By | source:Vision Direct Aug 1st, 2014

Finally into the real world! No more sitting in on lectures, no more stress over homework and no more textbooks! As college ended, a cushy desk job greeted me with open arms. I now have a funny boss, nice salary and free coffee all day. But there is one problem, my eyes seem to be sore and have problems focusing. I do look at a computer screen for about eight hours a day. This is not a side effect that I was prepared for. I donâ??t think that any amount of money is worth losing my eyesight! Luckily, the world has products for me. Special computer screens that donâ??t flash as often as the average computer screen, fancy tinted glasses and filters that can release some of the strain on eyes.

In this infographic, you will learn what computer vision syndrome is, what causes it, the results of it and how to prevent the problem. Always drink lots of water, eat healthy, remember to blink, and donâ??t look at the computer for too long of a period of time. The most important thing to remember is to get plenty of time playing outside, as long as your favorite past time does not involve staring at the sun.