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Selling A House In The Future of Outer Space

By | source:Here Oct 18th, 2018

Life on Mars would be different for humans in so many ways: breathing, eating, getting around. But what if we still sold houses in exactly the same way?

As this humorous infographic points out, perhaps humans are fated to continue their cliched old habits, even as we migrate halfway across the solar system. Maybe that will include cheesy, jargon-filled property listings, like this imaginary advert from ‘Space in Space’, designed to look like a Zillow or RightMove page.

Every detail has been considered: as the statistics on the right-hand side show, this house has been on the market since May 2, 2041. Nearby transport at the West Mars Space Station and Marston Rover Station has been helpfully included, and the illustration shows off the property’s beautiful transparent dome- presumably there to keep the air breathable.

As this listing is set in the future, the real estate jargon has been updated to match. The house has innovative amenities such as health scanners, artificial intelligence in the kitchen, gravity control, and a retractable glass roof, which are sure to provide its residents with an ‘out of this world’ experience. It’s hard to judge whether Marston, West Mars is an affordable or high-end neighborhood, since no one knows what £620,995 will be worth by 2041.  Location is still likely everything – back on Earth spending $500,000 on a house yields quite different results. But as this infographic demonstrates, one thing is clear: wherever humanity ends up, we’ll probably still be selling real estate.