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What NASA Says About Mars

By | source:Here Oct 17th, 2018

Calling all space-lovers out there! Today’s infographic is all about Mars, so fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!
Mars has long been at the center of space program’s interest. It is one of the most similar planets to the Earth available in our same solar system. Nevertheless, NASA’s Mars program has encountered little concrete success.

Humanity is still hoping to find in Mars a “second Earth,” given that it already held some kind of life, at least once. Dr. Ellen Stofan, current leader for the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum in Washington, expressed her confidence in the fact that Mars had previously contained life, due to the similar environment to earth.

She argued that to discover life “up there,” humans would have to land on Mars and excavate to find evidence of single-celled microorganism (AKA aliens). Dr. Stofan believes Mars did host life, but she doesn’t think it got much more complicated than a single-cell being. The researcher stated in 2017 that by exploring life and diversity within our solar system, we might be better equipped to discern which planets around other stars could be better suited for human life.

If you’re interested in getting to know our future home, then review this infographic on Mars and consider what the future holds.