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DIY: Renovate Your Kitchen By Yourself

By | source:Chadwicks Oct 19th, 2018

The kitchen has been dubbed the heart of the house, although it can end up looking tired. To give new life to your kitchen without investing your kid’s college fund, check out today’s DIY ideas.

You can do virtually anything you want in the kitchen. From adding a wooden trim for a grand effect or a textured wallpaper to brighten the room. Not even the countertops are out of your reach. DIY ideas abound.

Decluttering can have a significant effect when it comes to aesthetics. If you can’t splurge on a fancy marble o quartz counter, then consider concrete. Even the dreariest laminated surfaces will look amazing with this industrial look straight from a design magazine.

If the floors are what you want to renovate, and changing them aren’t an option, then try a colorful rug. It adds personality, and a pop of color is always a great choice. If you want a radical change, think about wallpaper… on your floors. Yep, you heard that right; you can wallpaper your floors. Of course, don’t forget to seal the floors afterward to make it last.

Just changing your light fixtures, or even hiding some of the appliances inside the cabinets can make an impact when both space and budget are tight. If you want to change up your kitchen, there’s bound to be a good idea for you in today’s infographic. Want to efficiently use your current kitchen? Check out this kitchen cheat sheet for practical out inspiration.