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School Food vs Prison Food

By | source: Jun 8th, 2011

Jamie Oliverâ??s Food Revolution is a big hit in my family. I can usually count on at least one episode waiting on the DVR when I go home for a weekend. The latest episode features Jamie challenging a fast food purveyor, fighting for nutrition in a public school cafeteria, and teaching kids to think about what they eat. He also cried a little, but I can overlook that. Judging by todayâ??s infographic, there is something legitimate to cry about.

This infographic compares an unappetizing prison lunch to an equally unappetizing elementary school lunch. The prison lunch is created â??to maintain a moderate amount of nutrition,â? while the school lunch is created to be nutritiously balanced; yet, the two look strikingly similar and cost roughly the same to create on an individual level. If that is the case, what accounts for the vastly different budgets? With all the campaigns for health, addressing childhood obesity, and tweaks to school programs, it is strange that this is the best they could come up with for growing kids. [Via]