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Saving Private Bee

By | source:Here Aug 26th, 2017

Bees, not to be mistaken with wasps, are our fluffy, yellow and black friends that basically make love to all plants. Well, not make love per se, but help with the process of pollination, which is a plant’s way of reproduction. Bees actually play a huge role in this process; they pollinate whole fields of vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc., making sure that each year we have something to harvest.

As you can imagine if bees are to disappear hell will break loose. That’s why it is pretty alarming that year after year we see a decline in their population. This is not to be taken lightly. Bees are essential to our ecosystem, and their extinction can cause a ripple effect throughout our plant and wildlife.

According to this infographic, 1/3 of our food depends solely on insect pollination, so imagine losing a third of your food just because bees have died out. A frightening scenario, but we’ve been losing bees in droves.  The culprits include insecticides used on a day to day basis.  While they may keep weeds away, there are negative impacts too.