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22 Tourist Complaints That Will Leave You Speechless

By | source:Here Aug 25th, 2017

If there is one thing that the internet has proven, it’s that once you’ve put something out there, it is really really hard to take back. The internet is amazing, giving us cat videos and memes to fill years of our lives.  It’s also become the ultimate public whiteboard, allowing anyone with a connection to air their views.

Today’s infographic has some of the most bizarre and comical tourist complaints from around the web.   How could a travel agency forget to mention that there will be fish in the sea? Extremely irresponsible.  Local stores should always sell proper biscuits like custard cremes – this might be a law we could rally people around.

It’s also hard to believe that another country would be so rude as to not have street signs in your native language. How should they expect you to find your way around?

Have a good read through these tourist complaints, and take a second to think through any complaints you put on the internet.   I get it, we all have our bad days.  There’s nothing like travel to put us out of our comfort zones.  Maybe some of these tourists just really needed to beat their jet lag.  I do hope these tourists still managed to enjoy their hard earned holidays, and if a country and its culture are unfamiliar, there are guides on what not to do as a tourist.