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Save the iPhone, Save the World

By | source: Apr 19th, 2011

I’m not sure if you caught my allusion to Heroes, but if you did it is in reference to last Friday’s post on Super Powers and their Heroes. Now moving on to why 2nd-hand iPhones may solve global warming.

As much as Steve Jobs would like his iPhone to cure our world’s fever, it isn’t going to. Re-selling electronics will help reduce our carbon-footprint, but not eliminate it.

Trading in electronics always sucks because you never seem to get a fair price. Here on Ebay’s new Instant Sale, you can instantly get a fair amount of money in your PayPal account by selling new, old or damaged electronics.

Fair is a loose word. I had a crack in my Ipod touch, sold it on Craigslist for $60. The amount I would have gotten on Ebay’s Instant Sale is only $20. The only reason this Instant Sale thing might take off is how convenient it is. Free shipping, free removal of personal data, and no PayPal or Ebay fees. It was a hassle to go through all of the bullshit Craigslist made me do to make a post. Then I had to communicate with a guy who couldn’t speak English and meet him really sketchily in a Barnes & Noble’s parking lot. Although, it did turn out well and I made 200% more money than I would have on Ebay.

Will I ever use Instant Sale? Probably not. Is it completely useless? No, it just depends on how lazy someone is. [Via]