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Rainy Day Fund

By | source: Feb 1st, 2012

If you thought this title said â??Rainy Day Fun [infographic],â? and clicked over here expecting to view an infographic about puddle hopping, Iâ??m sorry to inform you that you were wrong. We are about to talk money, so get uncomfortable. The following question was posed to a survey group: If you needed to come up with $2,000 for an unexpected expense, could you do it?

Iâ??m sure there are plenty of future financial planners out there who say, â??Why, yes, yes I could. Couldnâ??t YOU?â? No, I couldnâ??t. So stop hassling me. Money and I have a very unfulfilling relationship wherein I always manage to feel that I have more than I actually do.

But, todayâ??s infographic will reform me yet. My favorite part is the worksheet at the bottom, a guide for setting up a savings plan. Itâ??s a very basic but helpful reminder (one I obviously needed) to carefully plan and take action, little by little. [via]