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Why Retirement Isn’t Always Relaxing

By | source:Here Apr 25th, 2018

Some say that golf is a good walk ruined, but any popular golf club will likely have its fair share of retirees enjoying themselves. You may look on with envy, but retirement isn’t always as leisurely as we may expect.

According to today’s infographic, 3 out of 4 retirees don’t receive money from a pension fund, and nearly half leave the workplace earlier than expected.

 Retirement can be a difficult reality for many people. We might dream of traveling the world in our golden years, whether it’s cruising around the Caribbean or touring Europe. Of course, we’ll want to leave our estates to our families. But for many baby boomers, just getting through retirement is a struggle.

If your lifelong job has ended unexpectedly and sent you into early retirement, your retired years may not be as relaxing as you expected. There’s good news, though: preparing for retirement and being ready for any unwelcome surprises is a surefire way to make sure you don’t hit any wild bumps in the road. 

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