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How Your Personality Affects Your Income

By | source:Here Jan 8th, 2022

Can your personality really have an impact on your income? The data may be able to draw out some correlations. How is your retirement looking thanks to your personality?

Although there are many personality tests, today’s infographic focuses on one of the most widely known: the Myers-Briggs test. Basically this test classifies people according to four traits: introvert-extrovert,  sensing-intuition, thinking-feeling, and judging-perceiving. The theory believes that every person identifies better with one of the traits in each pair, and this makes for 16 personality types that shape how someone behaves and reacts to their world.

Relating this with income potential, there are some interesting trends: for example, extroverts seem to be earning more than their introvert counterparts.  The income associated with your 4 letter personality type (say INTJ or ENTP) may also change over time.

Either way, a study carried out by a German research team found out that more than actual personality, income was impacted by the combination of personality with the personality demands of their chosen work. When you think about it, it’s a bit obvious: of course an extrovert salesman will earn more than an introvert one, and a mathematician will thrive as a thinker rather than a feeling person.

Whatever the relation, income and personality are closely related and it’s worth it to take it into consideration when choosing a career. If you’re curious about what your personality says about your income potential, check out today’s infographic!