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20 Money-Saving Supermarket Survival Tips

By | Sep 19th, 2016

It’s a doge-eat-doge world out there, and by “there” I mean your local Buy-n-Large. Get wise to the tactics making you spend more.

The golden rule is NEVER EVER food shop when you’re hungry. Everything will look tasty and excellent and oh my gosh they have Nutella flavored Cheeze-Its I must have them. What is more, your ability to focus drops when you’re hungry, so you’ll spend more time in the store, which usually results in buying more even if you’re not hungry .

Listen to your power-workout-treadmill-time mix while you’re shopping. It’ll subconsciously make you walk faster and keep your energy up, helping to combat the fluorescent light and sensory overload induced haze that can so easily slow you down and distract you in a grocery store.

So now that you’ve blasted through Whole Foods like you’re wearing rocket boots without spending a penny more than you intended to, why not save a little money when you get home, too? Check out our infographic on How to Save Big on Your Morgage.