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Pulp Fiction Chronology

By | source: Jan 8th, 2012

Here is the chronological sequence of the Tarantinoâ??s cult classic Pulp Fiction. Not only is it one of the most influential independent films of all time, but the unconventional plot makes the story a labyrinth. Critics often butt heads over the simple matter of what genre this masterpiece is. Itâ??s been called everything from â??neo-noirâ? to black comedy to â??trippy fantasy landscapeâ?.

If youâ??ve seen it, Iâ??m preaching to the converted. Unless, of course, the movie was â??too weirdâ? for you. I, for one donâ??t mind that. A truly unique film is a gem, especially when it is projected through cream-of-the-crop professionals. (Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta and Uma Thurman, to name a few)

If you havenâ??t, and youâ??ve got an open mindâ?¦ well, itâ??s must-see. This is film in the 90â??s at itâ??s finest. In a rather post-modern fashion, itâ??s non-linear storyline intertwines the lives of all sorts of American deviants. It focuses on all the sheisty criminal activity that culminates beneath the surface of our culture.

For all the fans, hereâ??s a dissection of the twisting, labyrinthine plot, laid out like never before. I was very pleased to find this. (via)

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