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New Years Goals For You And Your Pet

By | source:Here Jan 2nd, 2018

The New Year is our favorite time to make resolutions : we will get into fitness, take up that class and talk more to our parents.Why don’t you include your furry friend in this year’s plans?

We have all been guilty of completely forgetting our good intentions come February, but maybe by including your pet in your resolutions, you might be a tad bit more inclined to make them come true.

If you want to exercise more, why don’t you take Fido with you for more walks around the block? It’s way cheaper than a gym membership, and both you and your pet will fulfill your daily exercise needs in only 30 minutes. Or if you want to give yourself a makeover, why not include your friend? You could start by taking them to the vet and scheduling regular grooming sessions.

Other resolutions might be more beneficial to your furry friend, like stop giving your cat leftover food from dinner (come on! You know it’s bad for them!) or teaching them a new trick (cats and dogs, sure! But did you know even fish can learn?). If you don’t currently share your life with an animal, 2018 could be the perfect moment to adopt or foster a new friend.