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Increase Traffic to Your Website

By | source: Jul 27th, 2013

Looking for ways to increase traffic to your website, instagram, or twitter? Check out these quick, easy steps to help boost your website’s daily followers provided by “Best Web Hosting”.

Small improvements to your webpage, such as adding easily accessible social media links, or starting a newsletter/mailing list for dedicated fans, can drastically increase your website’s popularity.

Also, Google’s Search Engine Optimization tool, Google Webmaster’s Guidelines, can provide web designers, writers, musicians, or even business owners with proven ways to increase their website’s daily traffic from the pros.

Furthermore, “Best Web Hosting’s” infographic lays out 4 essential on-page strategies and 6 off-page strategies that cost you nothing in advertising funds that can help popularize your page. From obvious things, such as regularly publishing content, to the not so obvious tips, like allowing guest blog writers a page of their own, can really help increase the quality of your webpage’s material.

If you happen to have extra money to spend on your business though, Best Web Hosting provides you with 6 suggested “paid-off” ways to increase your webpage’s popularity; such as, pay-per click networks, banner advertising, and sponsored reviews. I know from first hand experience that Facebook offers its users fairly cheap, efficient ways to promote ads or postings on friends’ news feeds.

With that being said, check out Best Web Hosting’s Infographic:

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