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Monsters of the USA

By | source:Hog Island Press Jun 23rd, 2016

You probably didn’t even know about all the crazy monster legends sprinkled across the contiguous 50, or what could be lurking in your own lake! 

We certainly have a fair few lake monsters in the US. There are 15 water dwelling monsters on this map, including lake, river, sea, and swamp. There are 12 bipeds/humanoids. Between them and the water-dwellers they comprise over 2/3rds of all the monsters on this map. Fear of things that live in an environment alien to us (water) and things that are very similar to us seems to be a theme, which I find quite interesting psychologically. Two, the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp and the Loveland Frogman, count in both categories.

Many of the lake and sea monsters have names that are almost certainly inspired by the famous Loch Ness Monster, Nessie. I’m looking at you, Tessie, Chessie, Cassie, and Caddy.

Most of these monsters are scary and big, but how big are the monsters that we’re sure humans made up? See how your favorite movie terrors stack up against their peers in this infographic.

If you’re digging this map, click through to the source where it’s available as a classy wall print.