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40 Frightening Monsters From Around The World

By | source:Here Jun 4th, 2017

Remember those scary tales, from when you were young, about monsters under your bed, witches in the forests, demons, ghosts, etc., you get the point.  Listening and reading about those stories were both some of my coolest and scariest nights. Candyman and his hook, Bloody Mary in the mirror, Jack the Ripper, could scare the living daylights out of me.

These guys were part of my culture and childhood (that sounds disturbing), but what I didn’t realize back then was that every culture has their own take on monsters. I mean, I knew they existed, but I never bothered to read up on them. Up until now. A few days ago I stumbled across this great infographic.

It has all demons, monsters, and hellish hounds from around the world that you can imagine. Not to my surprise, Japan and Europe are the kings of this “genre”. If you want to fuel your nightmares tonight (just kidding, the drawings are pretty harmless) check out this stylish infographic. It even has some info on the Demogorgon from the recent TV show, Stranger Things.

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