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You Might Be Able To Use Poop To Fuel Your Car One Day

By | source:Here Jun 3rd, 2017

No one likes spending money, but some purchases feel more pointless than others. Paying for gas is one of my least favorite expenses, so this infographic is the best news I’ve seen all day.

What would you do if you woke up and every gas station was out of fuel? Surely you’d have to figure something out. The options on this graphic range from fascinatingly practical to laughable, but either way, you’ll definitely learn something after studying it in-depth.

Uncompressed natural gas was used in fuel shortages during World War I, and it’s also called a “gas-bag.” There is a huge downside: This method is incredibly flammable.

What if your morning coffee from Starbucks could fuel your car? Ok, maybe that’s a stretch. But if you have a large boiler and the ability to separate coffee beans from their chaff, you may have a fuel source on your hands.

Here’s a not-so-appetizing fact: Using feces to power your car is a viable option. Cars have been tested that go as fast as 114 MPH, and the fuel is free. The downside: You’ll contribute to global warming, and it probably won’t be a pleasant experience.

While hopefully we won’t wake up to a fuel outage, it is fascinating to examine how the U.S. consumes oil. Find out more here.