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Money Spent on Healthcare and Disease Eradication

By | source: Oct 29th, 2012

We, as humans, have done many amazing things throughout our history (many of them within the past few hundred years). We’ve reached the highest peaks, traversed near-unfathomable depths and now we even have our sights set on expanding our studies and research beyond just our planet. Even with all of these achievements, however, we all have still have something in common to keep us grounded: illness.

With our global population growing ever larger year after year we now have more potential than ever before to grow and learn as people, but it also means that more and more treatments for illnesses and sickness are necessary, and it’s not cheap. Today’s infographic explores the amount spent (and projected to be spent) on healthcare from five first-world nations and what exactly it’s being spent on.

For instance, the most money being spent on healthcare in the U.K. at the moment tends to be focused on research and development (hundreds of millions of dollars spent on stem cell and neurodegeneration research) whereas the U.S. healthcare system invests more in immunizations and HIV/AIDS treatment and research.

For more information on the healthcare spending habits of some of the world’s leading nations, refer to the infographic below. [Via]