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The Complete Guide To A Patient’s Journey Through Diagnosis

By | source:Here Mar 21st, 2021

The human body is an amazingly well-balanced machine, but it’s also far more vulnerable than we think.

Something as simple as an allergy can turn into a life-threatening situation. There are thousands of potential viruses and parasites that could get into our body in every breath we take and there are more bacteria in our body than actual human cells. Sure, some of them are necessary, but not all of them are guaranteed to be good!

Every single person in the world has been sick one time or another, but while there are tons of resources and fast ways to diagnose infectious diseases, it is often much harder to diagnose those types of diseases that aren’t contagious and therefore have a smaller population sample to diagnose.

Rare diseases are often debilitating and take a lot of tests and specialist doctor visits. This infographic’s purpose is to create awareness about the difficult challenges faced by patients who are looking for a diagnosis of a disease that is not common.

Knowing more about rare diseases and the diagnostic process can help people be more supportive of those facing them, and also, it can help governments and organizations work harder to figure out better ways to diagnose these diseases. Here’s hoping this infographic starts a conversation!