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Millennials and Media Consumption: How Much Is Too Much?

By | source:Here Feb 26th, 2018

I like my media like I like my coffee –– I need it as soon as I wake up. I’m not alone in this, either. People consume digital media like it is our breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

I think we can all agree there’s such a thing as being over-informed, right? Granted, that’s not a word, but in the world of Urban Dictionary, who can honestly say what is and isn’t a word anymore?

As a millennial, I like to stay informed at all hours, even when I’m supposed to be sleeping. And consuming media for 18 hours a day is bound to interrupt your sleep. As is that series you binged on Netflix, or that news story you went to five different news websites for just so you could get a perspective from all sides.

Some people even sleep with their phones under their pillows as if they’re on-call 24/7. We’re obsessed with staying relevant and in the know –– if you’ve ever tripped on a sidewalk because you were too busy on your phone, you know what I mean. Even though we love our devices, millennials still deserve to be taken seriously. Learn more about why we should receive more respect here.