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How To Make A Good First Impression Without Appearing Desperate

By | source:Here Feb 27th, 2018

They say you don’t get a second chance at a first impression, so you better make sure that first impression is a good one.

Don’t freak out too much. People won’t forever judge you for your first encounter, even if you forget their name immediately after learning it. But your first impression is your entrance into the room and your introduction to a crowd, so you should probably make it the best it can be, right?

Thankfully, this infographic has all the tips and tricks you need, like staring intently at someone’s eyes, nose and mouth in an alternating fashion to show you’re really paying attention to them. Or you could look them up on social media to build up a case file on them before you meet. That way, you’ll know all their likes and dislikes, and you’ll be prepared to discuss their interests. If you’re in a cold room with someone you need to impress, you can refuse to cross your arms for warmth to demonstrate that your “body window” is open.

These instructions prove that making the right first impression is simpler than it seems. All it takes is adequate preparation. Read more about improving your attractiveness through body language here.