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The Psychology Behind Getting Millennials To Love Your Brand

By | source:Here Apr 10th, 2018

With their craft beers, hipster clothing, and crypto-currencies, millennials can be difficult to understand.  Many business owners are wondering how to attract young customers because

millennials make up a huge demographic that no business can afford to miss out on.  To understand how to successfully market to millennials, one must first get to know the habits and personalities of the under-30 crowd. Millennials are on the Internet more than any other generation and use TV and radio less. As a result of spending so much time online, millennials generally value online interaction, tech-savviness and convenience.

According to this infographic, 89 percent of millennials are on social media, and even that percentage seems a little low. Companies like TOMS have taken advantage of this by creating impressive social media presences and associating their brand with a philanthropic cause.

Almost all millennials own computers and smartphones, and most millennials are tech literate. They like to be able to access information on any device, so businesses must have mobile-friendly websites and shop pages.

Now that you know how to market to millennials, you can get improve your social media business strategy! To learn how to measure the success of a digital marketing campaign, see our infographic here.