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The Disturbing Truth About Animal Cruelty In The Beauty Industry

By | source:Here Apr 9th, 2018

When you’re picking out a new tube of mascara, you likely aren’t giving much thought to its ingredients. But there’s a disturbing truth about animal cruelty and the beauty industry that many consumers may not be aware of. 

Many cosmetic brands claim to be cruelty-free yet derive ingredients from animal products. For example, stearic acid is an ingredient found in cleansing agents and emulsifiers. This is extracted from the fat of animals who were likely slaughtered.

Bee byproducts are also often used by makeup companies. Beeswax and honey are two very common ingredients in emulsifiers, emollients, moisturizers and soothing agents, all of which are common in any makeup cabinet. Other insects are also used for polishes, lacquers and colorant.

Hair and skin conditioners use animal products quite a bit, according to today’s infographic — whether it’s lanolin, keratin, lactoferrin, or squalene, you’re likely using animal products daily without realizes it. Lanolin comes from sheep’s wool and is used in cosmetics. Keratin is obtained from “ground horns, hooves, claws,” and it’s often advertised as a way to strengthen your hair. If you’re concerned about the products you’re putting on your face, read the label before buying.