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Mac Parts and Repair Problems

By | source: Mar 28th, 2014

One day I sat my computer down in a violent way. From this point on whenever I turned my computer into power mode it would make a sound similar to that of a bird chirping while attempting to fly, but then the bird dies. Like any college student I shrugged this off and said “oh well, guess I’ll use the library’s computers.” Even after I found out that the hard drive was the only thing broken on the entire computer I ended up at Best Buy getting ready to buy a new computer. Directly before throwing $1,200 of my parents money on a new Lenovo Yoga 2 I realized that a mere mortal like myself could potentially change the hard drive without buying a new laptop, and without paying a service charge. Thus began my journey.

This journey involves YouTube, a knife, a screw driver, and $1,000 worth of savings. I fixed my computer, it felt great, journey over. If you own a Mac, your computer could also break. Use to get any parts you need to fix it yourself. I promise it may be the most empowering thing you do all year.