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Hangover Hacks To Get Your Life Back

By | source:Here Dec 13th, 2014

What is the world’s best hangover cure? Is there a surefire way to ensure you wake up well rested and clear headed after a night of one too many? Some say yes – I say, maybe. My key is to hydrate. Like this infographic recommends, the one to one rule works wonders. That means to have one glass of water after every alcoholic drink you consume. This is great, unless you hate feeling bloating and taking a trip to pee every few minutes. My roommate prefers the ‘more than water’ method. A big ol’ cold Gatorade in the morning seems to help him through. The electrolytes help I’m sure.

I’ve also heard Sprite is a natural hangover cure because of what it does to your body. Sprite actually speeds up an enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH). This results in alcohol being broken down quicker and therefore a shorter hangover time. I’ve tried it and I call bullshit, but it is science. Wondering what’s the science behind a hangover is? Check out this infographic

There actually is one fool-proof hangover cure I forgot to mention. Staying sober. Be the designated driver for your friends and laugh at all of the stupid antics. I guarantee you’ll be the only one ready for a morning run.[via]