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Everything You Need to Know About America’s Oil & Gas Economy

By | source: Dec 12th, 2014

Gas is so cheap right now, I’m laughing at every Tesla driver on the road. Just kidding… Every few years, we have an oil surplus and gas gets cheap for six months or so, then it miraculously starts to get more expensive. Two years later, and we’re seeing the most expensive gasoline in history. Don’t call me a pessimist, it just always happens like that.

Enough of my gas price complaining though – I’ve got plenty more things to complain about with the oil industry. FRACKING FRACKING FRACKING. That’s all I hear about these days. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve had oil barons speak to my classes claiming, with extreme confidence, that fracking doesn’t hurt the environment. This just isn’t true. There are piles of evidence against fracking at the moment. Maybe there is a better way to frack, but I feel like my state of Texas is really feeling the unregulated force of the oil industry. Denton, a Texas town near Dallas, has completely banned fracking by public vote. Talk about democracy. It’s this type of political action that will ultimately quell the oil companies.

Before you start calling me a stupid hippie, I know natural gas and oil are vital to our country at the moment. Once renewable resources start to overcome oil in decades to come, those huge corporations will be at the pointy end of the stick. [via]